how you can become a

'goodie goodie'


Dear Theatre lover,

My name is Olivia Stambouliah and I have been working in the theatre, film and television industry since graduating from Theatre Nepean in 2004. Over the past decade I have worked in various theatrical productions from independent to main stage shows at the Sydney Opera House. One thing has become crystal clear to me - our stories need to be shared; homegrown as well as global. 


What does theatre actually do for us?                                                       

As human beings we instinctively yearn for connection and what better way to fulfil this need than through good old-fashioned live entertainment. In live performance we are not just passively watching a screenwe are actively involved and invested in the action. We connect with the characters' plight on stage as well as with the people sitting either side of us, thus we carry this shared experience with us long after the curtain falls. This communal energetic exchange is a unique educational experience that transcends academia which is why we seek it out time and time again.

Audience members like yourself are fortunate to live in a city with a thriving theatre culture that provides a platform to connect and wrestle with current issues and creative ideas. Lee Jones and I want to connect to our theatre community, hence we have rolled up our sleeves and formed THE GOODS Theatre Company. 

Theatres across Sydney welcome over 2 million audience members through their doors annually. Independent Theatre Companies are vital to the eco-system of live performance and with Subscriber bases continuing to increase we must provide a wider range of stories to accommodate the ever growing diversity of the theatre going demographic.  

So how can you help us connect?

THE GOODS Theatre Company is asking for your partnership to ensure that our pledge of providing pertinent professional productions to the community is delivered. This will begin with the Sydney premier of the new Australian play DROPPED by Katy Warner at The Old Fitz December 8-20. With your financial contribution we will be able to produce a show of the highest echelon and ensure that the creatives involved will be rewarded for their artistry. We are thrilled to be included in the iconic Old Fitz's 2015 season which has recently had a renaissance and is now Sydney Theatre's hottest spot for new and exclusive independent work.   

A partnership with THE GOODS Theatre Company  guarantees reciprocity. Exposure and access to thousands of new audience members brings rewards for companies or individuals through billing, advertising and events as well as the personal satisfaction in providing supreme arts and culture to the wider community. THE GOODS Theatre Company will act with open communication and transparency every step of the way and invite you to join us in connecting with and leading the Sydney Theatre community into a new and daring direction.      

An absurdist two-hander like DROPPED requires creatives with the finest skills to captivate the audience and we are extremely fortunate to have Sydney director in demand Anthony Skuse. Anthony has built a reputation to be one of the most artful, visual and visceral directors on the circuit. His recent Sydney Theatre Award win for Best direction of an Independent play for Punkrock @ ATYP cemented his vitality in the Sydney arts scene. 

To help us bring this show to you we need your assistance with:

  • Cast and Creatives fees

  • Set materials

  • Props

  • Costumes

  • Lighting

  • Sound

  • Publicity/Marketing

  • Insurance

  • Performance Rights

  • Venue Fee

  • Administration

In total our target budget is $20,000 

Donate NOW and become a 'Goodie Goodie' - This entitles you to become an Official sponsor of THE GOODS Theatre Company and you will receive: 

  • Name and logo on our Sponsorship page on our website

  • Name and logo in our 'Dropped' program

  • VIP sponsors function with cast and crew post-show

  • Access to observe a rehearsal of 'Dropped'

  • $15 tickets to any show of 'Dropped'

If you can think back to a time when you were a part of a truly transformative night at the theatre then please help us bring that experience to many more Sydney audiences in 2015 and beyond. Be a 'Goodie Goodie'. 

Any questions please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss them with you.


Olivia Stambouliah